Technical Excellence Award

The Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) has awarded Prof. Goodson the 2014 Technical Excellence Award for sustained contributions that “significantly enhance the productivity of the semiconductor industry.” The SRC funds hundreds of faculty and students each year, largely through competitive 3-year awards.

Ken Goodson and the nanoheat group have been awarded the Technical Excellence Award from the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), for their work studying heat transfer in electronic nanostructures and packaging, microfluidic heat sinks, and thermoelectric and photonic energy conversion devices.  The award was presented September 8 at SRC’s annual TECHCON conference in Austin, Texas.

The Semiconductor Research Corporation funds several hundred research groups and principal investigators each year, largely through 3 year contracts that are awarded  based on open calls for proposals and competitive review by its corporate liasons.  The Technical Excellent Award is given to one PI or team annually to recognize key contributions to technologies that significantly enhance the productivity of the semiconductor industry.

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