Pop, E., Mann, D., Wang, Q., Goodson, K.E., and Dai, H., 2006, “Thermal Conductance of an Individual Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube above Room Temperature,” Nano Letters, Vol. 6, pp. 96-100.



The thermal properties of a suspended metallic single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) are extracted from its high-bias (I-V) electrical characteristics over the 300-800 K temperature range, achieved by Joule self-heating. The thermal conductance is approximately 2.4 nW/K, and the thermal conductivity is nearly 3500 Wm-1K-1 at room temperature for a SWNT of length 2.6 mirometers and diameter 1.7 nm. A subtle decrease in thermal conductivity steeper than 1/T is observed at the upper end of the temperature range, which is attributed to second-order three-phonon scattering between two acoustic modes and one optical mode. We discuss sources of uncertainty and propose a simple analytical model for the SWNT thermal conductivity including length and temperature dependence.