Cahill, D., Chen, G., Dresselhaus, M.S., Goodson, K.E., Ho, C.M., Longtin, J., Majumdar, A., Phinney, L., Pohl, R., Tien, C.L., Wong, C., 1998, “Report of Workshop: 2nd Microthermal Workshop and Tutorial at the Albuquerque Convention Center,” Microscale Thermophysical Engineering, Vol. 2, pp. 215-244.



The goal of this workshop and tutorial was to provide a cross-disciplinary forum for discussion, education, and pre sentation of the late st re sults in the rapidly developing area of microscale thermophysical engineering. It was co-funded by the Division of Chemical and Transport Systems of the National Science Foundation, the Division of Enginee ring of the Basic Ene rgy Sciences in the U.S. Department of Energy, and Sandia National Laboratory. A one-day workshop was held on Sunday, 14 June 1998, in the Conve ntion Ce nte r at Albuque rque , New Mexico.  Preceding the workshop, on 13 June, four one-hour tutorial se ssions we re held to cover the fundamentals of the following active research areas: scanning the rmal
microscopy, thermophysics of solid-state de vices, micro-electro-mechanical-systems; and micro-flow science and MEMS for flow control. As shown in the program, the workshop consisted of 28 presentations, which we re divided into four sessions: thermal-e lectric solid state devices; micro- and nanostructures; microfluidics, devices, and systems; photon microstructure and photon-fluid inte ractions. A keynote paper on low-dimensional thermoelectrics was presented by Professor Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The tutorial and the workshop were attended by approximately 40 and 80 participants, respectively, including people from academia s faculty and graduate students., industry, and national laboratories. A brief description of the highlights
of the tutorial and workshop is provided here.