Fletcher, D.A., Crozier, K.B., Quate, C.F., Kino, K.S., Goodson, K.E., Simanovskii, D., and Palanker, D.V., 2000, “Near-Field Infrared Imaging with a Microfabricated Solid Immersion Lens,” Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 77, pp. 2109-2111.



We report imaging in the infrared with a microfabricated solid immersion lens. The integrated
15-micrometer-diameter lens and cantilever are fabricated from single-crystal silicon and scanned in contact with a sample to obtain an image. We demonstrate a focused spot size of l/5 and an effective numerical aperture of 2.5 with lambda = 9.3 micron light. The total power transmitted through the lens is a factor of 10^3 greater than through a metal aperture giving the same spatial resolution. Two 1.0 micrometer diameter holes in a metal film separated by 3.0 microns are imaged with the solid immersion lens in transmission and shown to be resolved.