Sverdrup, P.G., Sinha, S., Uma, S., Asheghi, M., and Goodson, K.E., 2001, “Measurement of Ballistic Phonon Conduction Near Hotspots in Silicon,” Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 78, pp. 3331-3333.



The Fourier law for lattice heat conduction fails when the source of heat is small compared to the phonon mean free path. We provide experimental evidence for this effect using heating and electrical-resistance thermometry along a doped region in a suspended silicon membrane. The data are consistent with a closed-form two-fluid phonon conduction model, which accounts for the severe departure from equilibrium at the hotspot. The temperature rise exceeds predictions based on the Fourier law by 60% when the phonon mean free path is a factor of 30 larger than the resistor thickness. This work is improving the constitutive modeling of heat flow in deep-submicron transistors.