Su, L.T., Chung, J.E., Antoniadis, D.A., Goodson, K.E., and Flik, M.I., 1994, “Measurement and Modeling of Self-Heating in SOI nMOSFETS,” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. 41, pp. 69-75.



Self-heating in SOI nMOSFET’s is measured and modeled. Temperature rises in excess of 100 K are observed for SOI devices under static operating conditions. The measured temperature rise agrees well with the predictions of an analytical model and is a function of the silicon thickness, buried oxide thickness, and cbannel-metal contact separation. Under dynamic circuit conditions, the channel temperatures are much lower than predicted from the static power dissipation. This work provides the foundation for the extraction of device modeling parameters for dynamic operation (at constant temperature) from static device characterization data (where temperature varies widely).  Self-heating does not greatly reduce the electromigration reliability of SOI circuits, but might influence SOI device design, e.g., requiring a thinner buried oxide layer for particular applications and scaled geometries.