Terzis, A., Ramachandranm A., Wang, K., Asheghi, M., Goodson, K.E., and Santiago, J.G., “High-Frequency Water Vapor Sorption Cycling Using Fluidization of Metal-Organic Frameworks,” Cell Reports Physical Science, Vol. 1., 100057.



The productivity of continuously cycled atmospheric water harvesting methods using metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) has been limited by a lack of scalable designs and robust MOF form factors compatible with rapid heat and mass transport. Explored here is the fluidization of MOF-801 powder in its native particulate form as a water vapor sorption unit. Fluidization results in a very high sorbent-air interface area and small distances over whichmass diffusion must occur. This arrangement enables adsorption and desorption cycling with periods of 26 and 36 min at, respectively, 18% and 39%relative humidity (RH) with 80% of MOF-801 uptake capacity.  This results in dynamic steady-state operation water vapor harvesting rates of 0.33 L/h/kgMOF at 18% RH (40 cycles per day at 22C) and 0.52 L/h/kgMOF at39%RH(55 cycles per day at 23.5C). The measurements may have direct application to water harvesting systems.