Yoneoka, S., Lee, J., Liger, M., Yama, G.,  Kodama, T., Gunji, M., Provine, J., Howe, R.T., Goodson, K.E., and Kenny, T.W., 2012, “Electrical and Thermal Conduction in ALD Nanobridges Down to 7-nm Thickness,” Nano Letters, Vol. 12, pp. 683-686.



While the literature is rich with data for the electrical behavior of nanotransistors based on semiconductor nanowires and carbon nanotubes, few data are available for
ultrascaled metal interconnects that will be demanded by these devices. Atomic layer deposition (ALD), which uses a sequence of self-limiting surface reactions to achieve highquality nanolayers, provides an unique opportunity to study the limits of electrical and thermal conduction in metal interconnects. This work measures and interprets the electrical and thermal conductivities of free-standing platinum films of thickness 7.3, 9.8, and 12.1 nm in the temperature range from 50 to 320 K. Conductivity data for the 7.3 nm bridge are reduced by 77.8% (electrical) and 66.3% (thermal) compared to bulk values due to electron scattering at material and grain boundaries. The measurement results indicate that the contribution of phonon conduction is significant in the total thermal conductivity of the ALD films.