Goodson, K.E., Flik, M.I., Su, L.T., and Antoniadis, D.A., 1993, “Annealing-Temperature Dependence of the Thermal Conductivity of LPCVD Silicon-Dioxide Layers,” IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol. 14, pp. 490-492.



The reliability and performance of electronic circuits are influenced by heat conduction in low-pressure chemical- vapor-deposited (LPCVD) silicon dioxide layers. This work measures the effective thermal conductivity k,, for conduction normal to films of LPCVD silicon dioxide layers as a function of annealing temperature, as well as for films of thermal and SIMOX oxides. The LPCVD oxide thermal conductivity increases by 23% due to annealing at 1150°C. The conductivities, k, of LPCVD layers of thicknesses between 0.03 and 0.7 pm are higher than those reported previously for CVD layers, and vary between 50% and WOof the conductivities of bulk fused silicon dioxide. The values for SIMOX and thermal oxide layers are within the experimental error of the values for bulk fused silicon dioxide.