Prof. Aditya Sood

PhD Graduate - University Faculty

PhD MSE 2017. Aditya is an Assistant Professor at Princeton University with joint appointments in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, and the Princeton Materials Institute. His group works in the areas of nanoscale thermal transport, nanoelectronics, and ultrafast science. Aditya’s thesis work focused on thermal transport in 2D materials & devices and defect-rich crystals. He was briefly a postdoc in Stanford-EE, after which he was a postdoc and Research Scientist at the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences at the SLAC National Laboratory. He has received the MRS Postdoctoral Award from the Materials Research Society (2022), the Early Career Award from the AVS Nanoscale Science & Technology Division (2022), the LCLS Young Investigator Award from SLAC National Lab (2021), the Gold Graduate Student Award from MRS (2017), and the Batra Gold Medal from IIT-Kanpur (2011).