Low Thermal Resistances at GaN-SiC Interfaces for HEMT Technology

Cho, J., Bozorg-Grayeli, E., Altman, D.H., Asheghi, M., and Goodson, K.E., 2012, "Low Thermal Resistances at GaN-SiC Interfaces for HEMT Technology," IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol. 33, pp. 378-380.

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The temperature rise in AlGaN/GaN high-electronmobility transistors depends strongly on the GaN-substrate thermal interface resistance (TIR). We apply picosecond timedomain thermoreflectance measurements to GaN-SiC composite substrates with varying GaN thickness to extract both the TIR and the intrinsic GaN thermal conductivity at room temperature. Two complementary data extraction methodologies yield 4–5 m2 · K/GW for the GaN-SiC TIR and 157–182 W/m · K for the GaN conductivity. The GaN-SiC interface resistance values reported here, as well as the TIR experimental uncertainties documented in this letter, are substantially lower than those reported previously for this material combination.

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