Electrothermal Phenomena in Zinc Oxide Nanowires and Contacts

LeBlanc, S., Phadke, S., Kodama, T., Salleo, A., and Goodson, K.E., 2012,  "Electrothermal Phenomena in Zinc Oxide Nanowires and Contacts," Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 100, 163105.

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Heat generation along nanowires and near their electrical contacts influences the feasibility of energy conversion devices. This work presents ZnO nanowire electrical resistivity data and models electrothermal transport accounting for heat generation at metal-semiconductor contacts, axial thermal conduction, and substrate heat losses. The current-voltage relationships and electron microscopy indicate sample degradation is caused by the interplay of heat generation at contacts and within the nanowire volume. The model is used to interpret literature data for Si, GaN, and ZnO nanowires. This work assists with electrothermal nanowire measurements and highlights practical implications of utilizing solution-synthesized nanowires.    

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