Short-Time-Scale Thermal Mapping of Microdevices using a Scanning Thermoreflectance Technique

Ju, Y.S., and Goodson, K.E., 1998, "Short-Time-Scale Thermal Mapping of Microdevices using a Scanning Thermoreflectance Technique," ASME Journal of Heat Transfer, Vol. 120, pp. 306-313.

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The performance and reliability of microdevices can be strongly influenced by the peak temperature rise and spatial temperature distribution during brief electrical overstress (EOS) phenomena, which can occur at sub-microsecond time scales. The present study investigates short-time-scale laser reflectance thermometry of microdevices by examining the impact of passivation overlayers on the thermoreflectance signal and by demonstrating a calibration method suitable for metallization. This manuscript also describes a scanning laser thermometry facility that captures temperature fields in microdevices with 10 ns temporal resolution and 1 micron spatial resolution.  The facility combines scanning laser optics with electrical stressing capability to allow simultaneous interrogation of the thermal and electrical behavior of devices.  Data show the transient temperature distribution along the drift region of siliconon-insulator (SOI) power transistors and along metal interconnects subjected to brief electrical stresses. The theory and experimental capability developed in this study are useful for studying short-time-scale thermal phenomena in microdevices and verifying models employed for their simulation.

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