Dr. Marc Dunham


Marc is now a Thermal Management R&D Engineer at Analog Devices.  Marc Dunham received his B.S. in Physics and B.M.E. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in 2010. He completed his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering also at the University of Minnesota in 2012, with thesis research in Concentrated Solar Power systems. His thesis work focused on thermoelectric generators for small-scale heat recovery and energy conversion. Marc was the recipient of a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship.

Related Publications

M.T. Dunham, M.T. BarakoS. LeBlanc, M. Asheghi, B. Chen, K.E. Goodson, "Modeling and optimization of small thermoelectric generators for low-power electronics," ASME International Technical Conference and Exhibition on Packaging and Integration of Electronic and Photonic Microsystems (InterPACK) 2013, July 16 - July 18, Burlingame, CA