Congratulations to our undergraduate researchers!

Congrats to our undergrad researchers! Maneeshika Madduri won fellowships from both Fulbright and Sandia Labs! Jena Barnes had a poster at MRS and won a fellowship for PhD studies at Duke next fall!

Congratulations to both of our undergraduate researchers, Jena Barnes and Maneeshika Madduri, for their prestigious awards and accomplishments over the past few months!

Jena presented a poster "Seebeck Coefficient of Doped Zinc Oxide Nanowire Films" at the 2013 Spring MRS Meeting.  She was accepted into and will be starting a PhD program in materials science at Duke University on fellowship this fall with Prof. Nico Hotz in the Thermodynamics and Sustainable Energy Lab.
Maneeshika received a Fulbright fellowship to build a solar project in Nepal. She was also accepted into the Sandia National Labs Master's Fellowship Program, which provides a fellowship to complete a Master's degree in electrical engineering at Stanford as well as employment through Sandia National Laboratory.
Congratulations to both Jena and Maneeshika for these outstanding accomplishments!