Just out in Nature Communications:  strong heatflow modulation, in-situ scanning TDTR 


Aditya's Nano Letter unveils defect physics with novel scanning TDTR, wins best poster award at Electronic Materials Symposium


Kenneth Goodson receives the Inaugural Richard Chu ITherm Award

The mechanical engineering department chair has been recognized for his significant contributions to thermal management in electronic systems

Kenneth Goodson, Davies Family Provostial Professor, and chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department, received the Inaugural Richard Chu ITherm Award for his contributions to thermal management of semiconductor circuits, systems and devices. The award, formerly known as the ITherm Achievement Award recognizes significant achievements in the science and art of thermal and thermo-mechanical areas of electronic devices and systems.

Initially established in 1996, the Richard Chu ITherm Award for Excellence in Thermal and Thermo-Mechanical Management of Electronics was renamed to honor its first recipient, Richard Chu. Goodson will receive the award at the 2018 ITherm Conference Banquet in San Diego.




Chirag & Joe led a novel heat sink design for GaN power electronics and co-authored the best poster at the Applied Power Electronics Conf. in San Antonio TX

Here is the full reference for the poster, which is collaborative with the Pilawa group at UIUC:  N. Pallo, C. Kharangate, T. Modeer, J. Schaadt, M. Asheghi, K. Goodson, R.C.N. Pilawa-Podgurski, “Modular Heat Sink for Chip-Scale GaN Transistors in Multilevel Converters”, IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference, San Antonio, Texas, 2018. 

This is supported by the NSF POETs center, and the awards are quite competitive.  Well done Chirag and Joe!


Damena led our efforts on dielectric phase separation the nanoheat paper is just out and getting great attention.  Well done!


Tanya Liu placed 3rd at the NSF Engineering Research Center Biennial Review by "perfectly pitching" her phase change spreaders with relevance for electric vehicle range. 

This competition involves a 90-second pitch, with only 1 slide and no props and is conducted in front of the entire Biennial Meeting audience.  The winners of each ERC’s local competition participate, so it’s a very tough contest, and only 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards are made. 


Jungwan Cho from nanoheat with local industrial collaborators explores the limits of power electronics thermal management using composite GaN-diamond substrates.