Damena led our efforts on dielectric phase separation the nanoheat paper is just out and getting great attention.  Well done!


Tanya Liu placed 3rd at the NSF Engineering Research Center Biennial Review by "perfectly pitching" her phase change spreaders with relevance for electric vehicle range. 

This competition involves a 90-second pitch, with only 1 slide and no props and is conducted in front of the entire Biennial Meeting audience.  The winners of each ERC’s local competition participate, so it’s a very tough contest, and only 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards are made. 


Jungwan Cho from nanoheat with local industrial collaborators explores the limits of power electronics thermal management using composite GaN-diamond substrates.  




Michael and co-worker's publication on conduction in metal inverse opals is being featured in press coverage by both the nanotechnology and thermal management communities! See the full articles at and